What is a Quadcopter

A quadcopter or a quadroter helicopter is a multirotor helicopter,lifted and propelled by four rotors.They use two pairs of pitched propellers;two clock-wise and two anti-clock-wise.They use independent speed variation.By changing speed of each rotor,a desired total thrust is achieved.They differ from conventional helicopter that use rotors.They are the solution to some of the persistent problems in vertical flights.Smaller ones are cheaper compared to conventional helicopters.Their smaller blades are useful as they require less kinetic energy and have lesser risk of damage and is safer for close interaction.Bigger blade size increase efficiency as it takes less energy to generate thrust.Thus,they are used as amateur model aircraft projects because they are easy to control.

Before buying a quadcopter,one should know about the type he wants to use and the budget he had in order to choose the right type.They are use for different purposes like;research,camera holder,natural calamities,etc.

They are classified into different types:
1)AERIAL CINEMATOGRAPHY-It can lift a camera with tall landing gear. S1000 is one such examples.
2)SPORT AND SOCIAL- It is very light and stiff for responsive control.QAV 400/500 is one popular example.
3)SPORT FPV-Mounting surfaces for electronics and action cameras.Flip sport/DJI F450 is a well-known example.
4)MINI DRONE-It is small in size compared to the others and is indestructible.Hubsan X4 is a popular example.
5)FPV QUADCOPTER-It is indestructible with space to mount electronic devices and action cameras.QAV250 is a popular example.

There are different types of quadcopters,use for different purpose.Some of the most popular ones from amazon are given below:
1)Grabby Flying Remote Control Helicopter-Hx708-It has a 2 channel radio control features.One should avoid unattended for long periods.
2)The Flyers Bay Nano Quadcopter- It has 360 degree axis gyro stabilizer and is 2.4 G frequency Rc transmitter.Its flying height is-35 metres.
3)Saffire Nano Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis RC Quadcopter-It has a frequency of 2.4 G Control Channel abd built in 6 axis gyroscope.It is made flexible and wind resistant.

Among these 3 quadcopters found in amazon,the second one;Flyers Bay Nano Quadcopter has the highest rating from the rest with 3.5 out of 5 and is better than the two.Thus,different quadcopters are use for different purposes like;research,camera holder,rescue operation ,disaster relief,etc.


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